Summer's Over Already?!?

Greetings this fine Monday Morning. I just wanted to take a second to put my thoughts on paper because the moment I walk out of my house, my summer is over. Literally, back in the classroom preparing for new students, new challenges, and new successes. Before I do so though, i thought I'd recap this summer from a personal standpoint.

I've learned some things that will probably carry me through the next 60 or so years because its a lesson that I already knew, but you'd be amazed how it comes around.

1. Its not always the first impression you give that stays in a person's mind, its the LAST ONE. I noticed this from a series of conversations i had with a long lost friend. Don't burn bridges, you never know when you'll cross that thing again!

2. Another thing...PERSONALITY will carry you farther than looks, swag(i hate this damn word), money. Its how you treat people, how you talk to them, how you exhibit yourself to the masses, that will ultimately decide if people will truly love you.

3. Some opportunities you shouldn't chase. Like the old folks say, "All money ain't good money," get the picture...

4. In the end, all you have is you. Make sure that you can make yourself happy. Learn to be a loner. Its really not that bad, its better than waiting on somebody to do something and they not do it, and then you sitting around with your feelings hurt.

5. Sometimes you gotta pay attention to the signs and be ready to let things die. When all signs are pointing to the obvious why continue to walk in that direction. its kinda like this analogy....
                                                 Catch my drift?

I believe the best days are in front of us...ALL of US, if only we pay attention to detail, rid ourselves of those people who we KNOW aren't beneficial to our development, continue to be positive when all around us is like a thunderstorm, and FORGE POSITIVE RELATIONSHIPS...Well, that's all i have today boys and girls...

Progressing Daily, MCW


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