The One That Got Away?!?

I apologize for my negligence in providing you with some thought provoking material to ponder. Being in full swing of the school year as well as football season strips me from time to do extracurricular things.

Nevertheless, I have returned to put some thoughts on paper...

This past weekend, i made my bi-monthly voyage to the place that raised me as an independent man, Baton Rouge, LA. In the midst of my brotherhood relations and chill time, one of my friends posed a pretty decent question as we talked about relationships, and my lack thereof..."Do you think she was the one who got away?"

Now think about that...think about all the ones you've talked to, dated, loved, think of why for whatever reason you two stopped talking. I have done this a few times and i did it again after the question was thrown at me. It really made me think about my mindset, when i talked to these different girls, with a couple of them, i wondered WHAT WAS I THINKING LETTING HER SLIP AWAY? On the other hand it was some, who i figured i was better off in the long run without.

Now, here's another question...With the one that may have got away, do you go back and chase it down to see whether or not you made a mistake? I've thought about that one alot, is the risk worth the reward?
Do you find yourself constantly gravitating back to that person for some odd reason without being provoked? Then its something you may wanna investigate?

Personally, i believe that as we grow older the possibility of already passing up my life-long partner in crime increases everyday. This irks me because maybe it was something i have done...but on the other hand, i firmly believe that i already know my because of that, the one that got away, isnt gone, they just are hiding...

Progressing Daily, CLW


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