Meet Me Half Way...

I meant to start writing this earlier today, but got sidetracked with some other issues. Nevertheless, i'm here, so lets get the brain working today why don't we...

Have you ever felt that you are in a position where you have given up a bit too much of yourself. Not in the physical sense, but in the mental sense. People have taken up too much of your thought time. I think about this often. I have usually been the guy who people come to with their quarrels, their emotional issues and i have done my best to never turn people away. Although I haven't lived every situation, i'd like to think i can use some prior knowledge to incorporate that to my answer to at least attempt to soothe an aching soul. 

But here is my conundrum. 
You've all heard of the term "addition by subtraction?" In order to gain something, you must lose something...but in this sense, if you dont have anything that you want to lose, is SUBTRACTION really the best bet? 

Well, I'm thinking about taking a sabbatical on dealing with peoples emotions...what I've seen lately with the exception of those few who know and love me unconditionally...i haven't met the same acceptance when it comes to speaking my mind and expressing myself. On more than one occasion, people seem to think i have underlined intentions or messages in my expression, when in essence i'm just coming off the dome. 

Have you ever come to a point where it all seems unbalanced? You giving more than you taking in? Thats whats it been like lately...people ask and ask but when it comes to me asking...met with resistance or a cold shoulder altogether...Those that have been there will continue to be there, because i expect nothing less, but those who will inevitably become a victim to this pending sabbatical, will they meet me halfway...or will they move in another direction...

I know i got a bit personal today, but hopefully something sticks...All Posts aren't for the jokes all the time..

Progressing Daily, MCW


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