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Greetings Whodies and Whodettes, Its been a few days since I posted, so i thought I'm drop in and rattle off a few thoughts, nothing too pressing today tho, which is probably a good thing.,,

1. Being that the majority of my audience (all 5 of you guys) are in their mid-20s a question came to mind after texting an old friend. How important is a person's relationship in the church, mind you I said church, factor into choosing a mate? Being that Religion is such a touchy subject, is it enough that a person has a personal relationship with what ever God they serve, or should they be in the church every week Tues-Sun to show that they have an upstanding religious background?

2. The 49ers Schedule released yesterday! Thanksgiving Game vs. Ravens, Monday Night vs. Steelers, Week 2 vs. the "Hated more than Life Itself" Cowboys, which I spoke about briefly in the post prior. Hopefully the powers that be, get this situation handled so we can actually have a football season next year. That would make Coach happy. 

3. I keep thinking about a conversation that was held a few weekends ago, last time i was in Baton Rouge with my line brothers. I think about that conversation a lot, because as much as we hate to admit, we do really care what people think about us, as individuals. They really made me think about what type of impact I really have on people. In the midst of my out of the box music, attitude, and openmindedness, I'm respected for who I am. Just Chris or Pie, depends on who you talk to. I just want to be and be a model of what they want to see. I try really hard to talk about or do things that will cast a negative shadow over myself, or those around me. I dunno, all i know, is that apparently they think I'm a parental figure by my 3 Beautiful God-Children, its a blessing in itself to have the opportunity to share in those kids lives. Avery, Kennedy, and Derrick Jr. are life an extension of me now, so the thinks I do will ultimately have an impact on them because I share a real bond with each of their biological parents. 

Enough of that Sappy Stuff...Let Me Go Grade Some Tests...

Progressing Daily, MCW


  1. Because of who God made me to be, I am already at church more than most. I don't think a person has to always be there when the door opens to show their relationship with God, because that is only religion. Religion is defined as something you basically do over and over again. There are a whole hell of a lot of people who go week in and week out, but does not have an ounce of Christianity in them. I don't want my woman there all the time unless there is something going on in which she is directly involved. I prefer she have a life outside of the church building as well. Because, believe me, when I am not at the building, I am enjoying life with family and friends. If a person feels that they have to have a person who is always at the church, then go find one that is always there. I don't know if I actually said something that made sense, but each Christian should be well-rounded.


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