Another Random Ramble...

i figured since i was sitting here and thought about it, id figured i'd drop my faithful two or three readers a line...

I guess this is partially piggybacking off a few other posts, and if you follow me on twitter @mrcoachwilson (shameless plug but i digress) you contributed greatly to my questions.

Riddle me this though, Is there really a such thing as platonic friends? Can you be friends with a member of the opposite sex and not wanna smash, touch, or even lay in her/his hair? Beats me. I have found myself in deep thought about this situation a lot lately. I think with guys it relates back to the ladder theory when it comes to females. (see note below)

Here's my brief ladder theory crash course:

Get it? I figured a visual would help the point to get across quicker! We rate EVERY WOMAN WE KNOW! Some are higher than others, but do you see a platonic ("thats just my sister" ladder, Nope! didnt think you did) See...i'm pretty sure the right circumstances come around... and she offered, you'd take it...EH? EH? EH? Am i right? Thought so...Well tell me what do you think...hit me on the usual outlets...twitter, text, fb, you choose...

Progressing Daily, MCW


  1. Ok, did you draw this or find it somewhere. Bro, you off the chain and hook...LOL.
    No matter if a female is a friend, deep in the back of your mind, if she said, "Let's do it!" You will be out of your clothes before she kisses you...LOL...Real Talk from a Real Man.



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