Make that Move....

Greetings again, fellow readers. I have a hypothetical situation for you and I want to see what you think.

Guy and Girl have a date. Guy takes Girl Home...Guy feels comfortable enough with the date to lean in for a good night kiss. Is received with the stone lips...Essentially catching the lovely lady all types of off guard. What should be his next approach? Should he wait on a definite clue from the woman? Should he wait for her to make the first move and let it ride from there?

The reason I brought this up is because being the man, we are tasked with all types of responsibilities in the dating game. Especially in the early onset of the situation. Pursuer, Wooer, etc. The real question that lies is when is the right time to make a move, whether it is the aforementioned scenario or any other situation. What keys should we be looking for to make sure we aren't making an ass of ourselves by jumping the gun and coming off over anxious or as my momma would say "cutting off your nose to spite your face!"

Give Me Your Thoughts!

Progressing Daily, MCW


  1. LOL...(20 billion of them)...I feel your pain. Men never will understand the signals of women. I have had situations in which, I wanted to, but didn't. In later conversations, I mentioned how much I wanted to kiss her and then she says that I should have. The question is how do we know when it is okay? I have had situations in which I was rejected. Oh well. Big dog, keep rolling. Talk about it. It really depends on the female. The younger they are, the more reluctant they are. So find an older woman...LOL...they have been around the block and they can take you around the block...LOL (no disrespect). They know what they want and most just want a good man to love them. Young girls try to be so deep and end up missing out on what they asked God for.


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