Scarlet and White...

I thought I would change it up and release about something else I love aside from talking about life and love.

I don't remember how it started, but i remembered when i really happened. My mom, being the woman she was, always wanted to dress my brother and I alike when we were young. For some odd reason she bought matching Dallas Cowboy Swishey Suits. I can feel the pit of my stomach drop and the utter disgust form over my face when as a 9 year old, i distinctly told her "I'm not ever wearing this."

*I do remember...Tecmo Bowl...Then Tecmo Super Bowl...Montana to Rice...Endzone to Endzone...I was hook line and sinker.*

See, very few people have such a connect with a non hometown team quite like I do. You dont find too many San Francisco 49er fans in the south anymore, They were coat tail riders, dare i whisper (shhhhhh...bandwagon fans), the likes that we've all seen before, These new Heat, Celtic, SAINTS fans.

I literally bleed 49ers, my entire Aug-Jan attitude rests on Sundays. Life is complete with a Niner win, and an omen to the rest of the week when we take an L. I remember sitting up late one night in January 1995 watching QVC, and the Super Bowl Program was for sale. Guess what I had in my hand on January 29, 1995, the official 49ers v. Chargers Super Bowl Program.

You may ask, why does it even matter? Consistency, Dedication, A reason to believe...It gives my heart a pulse to throw on that Red and White #16 every week and subject myself to the jeers of other fans because I know that their love isn't true like my love is. The good times and the bad, the Super Bowls, the Singletaries, I've rode proudly through them all...

Its the only way i know...49er Faithful

Progressing Daily...MCW


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