What Can I Offer...

It's been a month since I have graced the blog with my presence. I wonder what the hell have i been doing! Sad thing is, I have had alot of things to happen in the past 30 plus days, and i have been negligent to write my thoughts on paper. Nevertheless, I am here because, One...Its Friday, and Two...my brain has been picked. So vibe with me for a second.

I've been reading some other black blogs lately, verysmartbrothas.com and wise diva, and something i read, sparked my interest. In early August around my 25th birthday, I compiled a list of the things that i wanted in a woman. I posted that list as one of the first posts on this new blog. It stirred alot of thoughts from the people who i shared said list with. Some thought they could handle it without question and some literally headed for the hills because they automatically felt that they couldn't measure up.

Whats the point Coach??
The point is that, i let people know what i wanted, but who knows what i can offer a woman that has said qualities and is willing to take the challenge to meet me at a happy medium and make some memories.
After reading these different blogs, it has appeared to me that in a sense I have been selfish, so since I'm in the mood to share, here's FOUR things, I can offer a woman as of April 8, 2011.

1. Willingness to adapt: In the education field, the theories, the techniques, the standards change everyday. I think that relates to the relationship world. Many times we get stuck in our ways, thinking that the way we do things are the right way, or hell, the ONLY way to do things. Then we wonder why, we sleep and wake up alone everyday. We are afraid to do things different, in order to get different results.

2. Patience is a Virtue: This is something that I have heard my entire life, as a descriptive statement.I Admit, i have forgotten about this trait in recent months and self-sabotaged some pretty good situations, but as in growing i have to keep in mind that good things do come to those who wait, so i'll wait.

3. Grounded: I have a strong sense of sacrifice and a deep connect with my family, if you have that, then the concept of sacrificing for someone who is willing to do the same for me is an exciting task to undertake. Women "claim" that they way a man treats his mother, is a sign of how they'll be treated, well if you know me, you know that goes without saying.

4. In all honesty, I've learned the meaning of going all out for the one i'm with without looking for kickbacks. I think that as you grow older, seeing someone else happy is ten times better than seeing yourself happy. As a cautionary sidenote: Don't Get Comfortable! NEVER get Comfortable. Yes, go all out, provide the mental, emotional, and physical needs to your mate, but never ever get comfortable.

5. Self-Reflector: I know how I've screwed up this year and some change of being single. I've been overbearing, impatient, moody, negative, pessimistic: all of which is out of my character. The situations and the people that i've came in contact with have all taught me about myself and what needs to be done in order to get what I claim to deserve without questions. Fact is, I'm a beaten man, not so much in wanting to quit, but as a football coach, i already know that i have to take what the defense gives and counter-strike my ass off if i want to win. I have to take that same approach, stop forcing things and take what is given to me.

Thanks for Listening. Patience Young Christoper.

Progressing Daily, MCW


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