Am I My Brothers' Keeper???

As I sit and listen to one of my best friends drunk ramble, it got me to thinking...He's making a few valid points and it got me to thinking. Don't get me wrong, I give off the impression that I have everything handled, very self-assured and confident. I just like everyone else have been through my share of life issues, trials and tribulations. I think what separates me from others is the way that I handle these said situations. I got a friend that I love to death but needless to say he hasn't been on the greatest path lately. Making wrong decisions, unsure of where the next step in life is. We've talked about it but here's my question. Is it my job to make sure grown men are doing what I think they should be doing in life? I understand that people need a helping hand, guidance from time to time, but I believe that I cannot make a grown man do anything they don't want to. Of course i'd love to see everyone be blessed with the opportunities I have, great job, strong family backbone, great friends...but if that person doesn't want that, or does what they can to stay away from that, is it my job to force that person towards that. I have my own life issues and insecurities that i need to overcome to make myself a better man, how can i do that and make sure that people are on the straight and narrow when they arent asking for help...Somebody let me know something...

Progressing Daily, MCW.


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