The Day I Think My Life Changed...I think...

I come to you today to tell a story. I think that will all situations, there is lesson to be learned and man if i didn't learn one in this particular situation, at least I think I did.

Now, I only told a few select people this, but on the night of May 5, I almost lost my life. In the midst of my "cinco de mayo" celebration, i neglected to do some of the simple things we all should do before you begin drinking: rest, plenty of water, EAT something. I had football practice before school was out, cleaned up and immediately began drinking. Bad Idea, completely wasted and once the sun set and I didn't see any of my friends around, I decided to embark on my journey home...

Here's where things get crazy. I remember how I got in my neighborhood from where I was, only thing i remember is getting smacked with the airbag...what did i hit? A brick mailbox...laugh if you must, but listen...i missed THREE TREES and Split between TWO cars. A wheel turn to the left, i would have driven into someones house, a wheel turn right, a head on with a parked car. Apparently I'm here for a reason, not just living but my job and my livelihood as well. I received no tickets or any questions on my sober state, just a couple a jokes from the Kappa officer and was instructed to go home and get some sleep.

I tell you this because once I got home and realized what really happened, I cried myself to sleep. I could have killed someone, hell, killed myself. but that wasn't the part that really bothered me the days afterwards. How could I be so selfish and irresponsible? All of my friends were around, and yet when I decided to leave from the bar, i felt completely alone. After telling my friends that i was with what happened, we vowed to stick together when we go out as a group, slow down on the drinking, call cabs if needed.

Will this stop me from drinking?? No...Did it make me realize that to get smashed shouldn't be my main focus for going out. Definitely. I was beating by the alcohol. I hate to lose. I realized that if I want to be the person I claim to be, some things have to change. Trust your friends, don't be so prideful that you screw yourself over. As a teacher, a DWI is worse than robbing a bank, I wouldn't have anything left to live for. I don't want any of you to go through this. Its embarrassing, because for the time being, i'm back to relying on others to do the things I want, and most times, unable to do anything extra than work.

I think I'm a humbled yet improved man today than I was on May 5 at 3:29...smarter, more aware.

Just something to think about...

Progressing Daily, MCW


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