Finals Shminals...

Greeting Loyal Readers, Its finals week here at GOPAA and i must admit that I'm spent. I'm tired of getting up every morning, tired of being a role model, tired of KIDS...Period. Thing is, I really have no plans for the summer aside from football. Wednesday Morning Offensive Practice, Monday through Thursday Weights, 7 on 7 every Thursday all over the city. So I think this is my plan...- Catch a bunch of baseball in June, Rocket Camp, Essence Weekend, Sickle Cell Softball Tournament, I think i wanna go to the college world series too...smh. I really need to solidify some plans tho...Oh...the main thing is I gotta get me apartment. I'm not mentally prepared for a house, So i think that a nice apartment in the duck off is what i need...I like being at home, like saving the money, but hell...I've never lived by myself. I wanna be able to come in my own shit and be talking, no distractions nothing. All responsibilities of the place lie on me. Hell, i need some responsibility, and if shit goes crazy and i need to go home, I'll be able to break a lease and handle my business...just a bunch of shit that i need to take care of, i'll be 26 in august, its been past time for me the leave the nest and get my grown man life really started. I don't feel grown coming home to the house I grew up in. Idk, maybe its just me...Until Next Time

Progressing Daily, MCW


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