Second Floor Window Wonders...

Alot of the time, I seem to go off on a tangent about certain prompts. Today, it was a tweet from @_BigEd_ that kinda through me into a turbulent wave of thought and wonder. I remember back when I was single before my last relationship around 06-07 and i think about exactly what i talked about today. "Who did I think I was to think I was ready to take that step again?!?" I think about it, because I think in one of my earlier blogs I wrote about the one that got away. A girl I was dating at the time had it all...beautiful, goal driven, nurturing...and i screwed it up. Royally. I wasn't ready for that kind of commitment. She was, and the next guy she dated became her boyfriend, and they are still together to this day, which makes me happy because she is a great catch. Now i didn't say all that to be bitter, because at the time, i wasn't deserving of what I was receiving. 

Now, to get back on track, What steps do we take in our dating lives to ensure we aren't setting ourselves and someone else up for the okiedoke? Meaning, Do we really know if we are "ready," for that serious dating or are we still casually dating and if it happens it happens. I had a few tweethearts comment that they aren't ready and are taking the time to take care of them and get their lives in order before they get into anything serious. Which is admirable. The male species thanks you and I'm pretty sure that 95% of women that want something special would love a man with a stamp on they head that reads, "I'm looking for the smash and dash," and you all would be appreciative. 

So what are the proper steps that we should take in order to make sure we aren't wasting each others time, money, emotions...Lets talk about this. Hit Me Back. @mrcoachwilson, fb, text...

Progressing Daily, MCW


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