The Tides are Changing...

Greetings Loyal Readers. I don't really have anything too deep today as I sit in the classroom. I had a meeting this morning with the principal. Interesting thoughts came over me as I sat in the meeting and took my lick like a man.
  • Whose responsibility is it when the proverbial ball gets dropped in team situations?
    • If proper delegation and follow up by the leader doesn't occur should the leader or the team players be disciplined?
    • How long is too long to allow certain situations to go on before changes in mentality are changed?
I've been trying really hard to make sure these kids are handling their business in the classroom, almost to the point where I really had to walk away for a few days just to calm my nerves. If you know me, you know I don't lose my cool too often. It's just frustrating sometimes when you know that the kids know and feel that they are in expendable. They know we need them, but hell we went 3-7 and 2-8 with them, so I told them today, 1.99 GPA= Suspension for the Year, PERIOD. We, well shall I say I, am going to hurt some feelings when I clean out lockers on June 3. We have to change a culture of mediocrity within our football program, and work tirelessly on holding our boys accountable for their actions. So, I'm already preparing myself to coach up some 5'4 115lb 7th graders to play varsity ball next year...Lord Help Me!

Pray for the Mississippi River Region too, its gonna get ugly for many families, while the bigger more profitable cities are spared...such is life...sad but true...if you gotta evacuate, let me know, we got blankets and floor space!

Well, anyways...13 Days Left...

Progressing Daily, MCW


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