A Blast off My Back...

It's rare that I boast when I do things, but today I lost myself for a second...well, an entire evening. You see, I love playing baseball, I've done lots of things well on the diamond and others not so much, but today when I finally put that softball over the gate and into the woods, it did something for me. I would psych myself up before every game with the #goingyardtoday hashtag. I set a goal for myself, just because I wanted to see myself do it. It wasn't about the team, it was about me doing something I haven't done in years. Every time I would give that ball a ride only for it to fall short at the gate really bothered the Hell out of me, but I kept swinging and now, i can sleep easy knowing that I did something that I wanted to do and that makes me happy.

Progressing Daily, MCW


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