Should I Stay or Should I Go?: Is it Location or You...

Greetings Loyal Readers...I was hoping I could find something to expound upon this weekend and out of the creative writing clouds I was presented with a topic. OAN: Excuse the lack of flow, I started at 2:30 am and I'm just now finishing.

Now, vibe with me for a sec. How many times have you heard this statement, "There are no good ____ in this town." If after letting this statement settle in and asking the necessary questions, like "why do you feel this way," you get general answers such as: city is too small, no body wants to settle down, etc. I used to think this way too, when i was in Baton Rouge and since i have moved back home to Shreveport. Yes, its true that the more known you are, and the more friends you have it does seem as if the city does shrink around you. Every person that you seem to be interested in seems to have dealt with your potna, your linesister, hell your cafeteria table mate. It's even worse once you get out of school, because you're accomplished, forward-thinking. and the pickings are SLIM! So, for that and that reason alone I can buy that reasoning.

Here's my thing. There is a reason we are single. Yes, I said WE! Maybe WE are overbearing, too picky, a reforming slutbag. Does it have anything to do with your respective locale? Highly doubtful. Maybe we should think about getting in different venues, running with different people...but check this i type this, maybe my stance has softened on this point...I just don't believe that I HAVE to go out of town to find someone compatible, because who really wants to do a long distance relationship anyways? That is some HARD HARD work, and if you don't have someone locked in it with you 100% then, it will crash and burn.

Well, tell me what do you think. Leave a comment, text me, tweet me @mrcoachwilson, smoke get the picture...

Progressing Daily, MCW


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