The 3 Life Conundrum...

I'm Back!!! *Diddy Boppin back in ya mind* 

It's been a while since I wrote anything worth while, Ya'll know its the summer and I'm not too inspirational during the summer. With that being said, i saw a tweet that @MsRishaB posted the other day and it's kind of been sticking in my head. Something about a person having 3 Lives: A public life, A private life, and A secret life. It kinda got me thinking, How many of us fall into this and not even know it. I guess if I am really going to do some reflection, i guess this could be right. 

My private life and my public life are completely different. The majority of people that see me in public see an outspoken, life of the party, jokester type guy. My private life is quite reserved. Lots of silence, music and reading, I actually enjoy being to myself. a sense I live double lives...i think that adds a different dynamic to other people's opinion, because they mostly see only one side of me and sometimes idk whether that's a good thing or a bad thing.  

Now what plagues me is this Secret Life. Who are we hiding from? Are we hiding from ourselves, our critics, our loved ones...and what are we actually hiding? Is it our goals, thoughts, emotions, expectations, skeletons...although I do understand the concept that things aren't always what they seem, what does that say about our trying to get to know people, or what don't we know about the people we allegedly love. Makes ya think doesn't it? On that note...Love, Peace, and Soul

Progressing Daily, MCW


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