Happy Birthday! Sort of...

Greeting Loyal Readers! I thought I would take the time right now to make two different shout-outs.

First off, I want to just thank everyone who showed love for my birthday! The tweets, the texts, the 150 plus Facebook posts really made this day beautiful and I am deeply grateful to have people like you in my corner. The 25th year was a good one nonetheless, good decisions, bad decisions, learning experiences put me in a position to continue to excel. I am a blessed individual and i do not take that for granted each day im able to wake up and see a new day.

Second thing, Tomorrow is From the Desk of Mr. Coach Wilson's 1st Birthday! 38 Posts (including this one) in a year, i don't think is a bad ratio. I hope that im inspiring you to think, or learn from my mistakes. Either of which, those who read my blog consistently, I thank you. Tell a friend, give me topics to write on. Lets shoot for 52 posts in the next year. Thats the goal.

On that note, Coach is Tired...to the bed. Much Love...

Progressing Daily, MCW


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