The Morning After....

Hey Guys, I'm back again for the third day in a row...(must be some type of record). This time I'm taking more of a storytelling approach to todays commentary due to a situation that was brought up to me yesterday by one of the coaches and by entertaining myself during my morning commute to the school house.

Today's topic is the Morning After so lets start by setting two scenarios.

Number #1
You and your homies go to the club. Club is jumpin, drinks are flowing, women are beautiful, You got a fresh cut, fresh fit, smelling good. Needless to say you on. Across the room you spot one of your boothangs ...after the third eye connect you walk over and whisper sweet nothings in her ear. She responds in a manner that lets you know shes coming home with you. *FLASH FORWARD 7 HOURS*

Number #2
You and your Girlfriend decide to switch it up and instead of the dinner and movie, yall decide to hit the club. Yall dress each other both looking good. You both hit the club together, but soon click up with your respective friends. You slide her a few drinks, keep eye contact, give her a slight touch to let her know she fine, yet feeling yaself when other cats try to holler and you watching her shoot them all down. After you feel that buzz, you whisper the sweet nothings in her ear and yall leave together. *FLASH FORWARD 7 HOURS*

Now...You wake up. Headache. The light from the morning sun awakes you and as you roll over to one of two things, depending on the scenario you choose... a beautiful morning or a disappointing nightmare...

Before I finish with my thoughts, I want you to offer feedback. Lets really kick this off right. Tell me how you feel. Males and Females. How do you feel the morning after either with your man, or ummmm...not your man. No need to add names, be anonymous. Have Fun

To be continued...MCW


  1. I guess I can speak from both perspectives....the morning after with a guy who's for ummm not "my man" is bittersweet to me. I wake up, shower, get dressed, kiss him on the cheek n say later. Every once in a while there may be a lingering hug or a laugh shared between the two of us, but after all that, on the way home it sets in that inspite of how we may enjoy each others company or how good it is "this is not my dude & probably never wil be my dude." No matter how good it may have been the night before, there is still a feeling or a need that hasn't quite been fulfilled. On the other hand....the morning after with "my man", when I had one, was a completely different story. Its more euphoric waking up to someone you are with, someone you're committed to. You touch, laugh about the night before in the club, snuggle, and tell each other how lucky u felt being able to go home with them. Y'all may shower together, eat breakfast and go on with your respectives duties for the day ( or if you're lucky, y'all can lounge around and watch movies all day lol). Leaving from this situation is much more satisfying. You're smiling because "that's mine" and he/she will be here when I get home later. No regrets, this is the person I love, that I'm with, and that meets my needs not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well.....much better feeling...


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