The Perils of Procreation...

Hey Guys, I'm Back Again. I usually don't do back to back posts but sitting in this classroom lead me to issue a warning to those thinking about making a lil loving anytime soon. I don't need to say this to my current parents because the ones I know are doing a hell of a job raising their kids...I also know that a lot of my friends, associates  followers aint shit...So I say all that to say this. PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! Think about who you sleeping with BEFORE you lay down...Cuz with the right amount of liquor and elevated egos you will be blessed with a child. (crazy concept right?!?) The reason why I say this, is because things are alot different now days than we were were being nurtured in the late 80s early 90s. We had video soul, sesame street, bill nye the science guy. Now these kids got Mindless Behavior and

Let's Be Honest here people. A lot of us these days are selfish, selfish...We like things done our way, when we want them, how we want them and with who we want them with. Think how a living, breathing dependent little creature will cramp that lifestyle. I know you educated black people are more than capable of accepting that task if you are hit with it. Truth is, plenty of the students I teach aren't. Perfect example. I told my class that I was only 26 years old the other day. The kid looked up at me and said. My momma 26 too... REALLY? REALLY? Life is real out here folks, especially when you have to worry about raising a little you to think, express themselves, use proper judgement, stand up for themselves, and be a valuable citizen to society all before they hit grade school. If you wait too late, you'll be letting those who never received that from their parents raise your kids...Think about that. 

Before I go...if you dont do anything today, Tell your child that you love them and that they are beautiful, Do that Everyday...Those Words will hold more power than anything else that they hear that day...

Progressing Daily, MCW


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