As the seasons change, As do I....

What's the haps loyal readers? I have about 18 minutes before Football Practice, so i decided to hurry and drop you a lil something to ponder as the you continue along with your daily commute.

Have you ever sat outside and watched the leaves turn and the temp drop and you joyfully bid the blazing summer goodbye? We gladly welcome the change from 105 degree heat, to the 65 degree jacket, scarf, hoodie season. Only until February and the temp is hovering around the 20s and then we are praying for the Spring.

I say that to say this, in our relationships, how often do we realize its time to let someone or something go and instantly dismiss ourselves from it? If you're being honest with yourself the answer is not often. We are scared to death to let it go because we fear what may come next if anything. So we'd rather endure inconsistencies, unhappiness and stress much rather than dealing with the unknown.

I urge you, as the summer finally decides to depart, you let those negative situations and unfulfilling relationships go with it, don't be afraid to step out on faith and wait for something different to enter your life. You may be pleased with what you receive...

Progressing Daily, MCW


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