I had to go back into the archives to make sure, I hadn't hit this topic before. I think I'm clear to drop a line...

The word of the day is Settle. Birds settle in nests, ants settle in a hill, Indians settle in a teepee. Ok, that last one was a bit much...but I digress.

The reason I brought it up, is just quietly monitoring peoples movements and thinking a little bit about my own movement. I gave a quote via twitter about being willing to settle is saying that what I have right now is the best i'll ever have. What if the best you have right now sucks? Whether it your job, car, living conditions, friends, or significant other its not supposed to suck everyday. We're due for at least 8 hours a week of shitty, but if you cant find the joy daily in what you do or who you have, DIP, RUN, SHUFFLE, JOSEPHINE JOHNNY to something else. Like the Bible says, "Joy cometh in the morning." Psalms 30:5 in case you wondering...
None of you beautiful people are that lonely or stressed to settle for anything less than what you deserve (at least i hope not) . If you don't think you're receiving a fair shake, find something else. Expect the best for yourself, and demand that everyone else around you acknowledges that, adheres to the standards you've set for yourself and if they can't do that..."Let em go dawg, that ain't ya ____ dawg..."



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