The Paradox of Procreation

Ooooooowwwweeeeee....Let me hop on my high horse for about 600 words or less...

This is merely an opinion rant based upon disgust of tweets and just a natural dislike of this situation throughout time...Keep your theories and assumptions to thine self.
***********************************************************************************Shall We Proceed? Yes indeed...

Now most of us are smart, semi college educated people with some percentage of common sense. I don't believe that i follow too many idiots of ill advised people. I say all of that to say this...We do realize that it takes not only a man, but also a woman to procreate right?

I ask that because, black society has a bad habit of beating down Black Men because of the plight of Single Mothers and babies without daddies. While I do agree that this is a problem that is spiraling out of control, but damn, it takes two to tango (cliche' #1.) Men aren't properly wearing condoms as they should and females aren't making sure they man, boo, random guy that bought me nuvo in the club, are wearing condoms either. So the question is who's to fault really? I just hate the fact that women beat down men and blame the guys for putting the poor sweet virgin through the perils of childbearing when in the heat of the moment nobody stopped and said...Hey, got some protection.

It sucks to see the woman being coddled and lifted up while the man is 9 times out of 10 vilified because of 7 minutes of mutual negligence.

I'm done, Tell me what you think is going on.

Progressing Daily, MCW


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