Writing My Own Eulogy...

Needless to say, this past weekend was a difficult one for me. I've buried my father, uncles, grandfathers, a grandmother, cousins, and acquaintances, but someone once said, you can't choose your family, but you can choose your friends. Watching my good friend lie in that casket, sleeping peacefully caused me to have plenty of thoughts running through my head. Anger, sadness, nervousness...my friend asked me to give an expression during the service and once I spoke I felt a load lifted off my shoulders. Then the preacher began to speak and his topic was "writing your own eulogy."

Now with all things biblical, I believe I'm supposed to take my own interpretation from the story he tells. Although I don't remember details, I do remember the gist of what he wanted us to know. So I'll pass it on to you.

In life you are here for a reason...in every juncture of your life you will meet people, leave an impression and go about your seperate ways. What will you leave? When people die, everyone likes to make assumptions on what kind of person we were or.what we could have done different. If we were busy impacting people in a positive way you take the opportunity for people to write you eulogy out of their hands. When we backbite, are deceitful, neglectful, negative or hurtful actions then we will give others the chance to write our own eulogy. Life happens to us everyday. It's up to us to decide how people are gonna remember us, and I hope that I'm leaving a positive influence on you guys...

R.I.P Big Mall.

Progressing Daily, MCW


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