What I Meant to Say Was...

Happy Friday People. I'm just sitting behind my desk while my students do their best impression of attempting to pass a test without recalling any information. But anyways, I just had a random thought that I've seen repeated multiple times. What do you say about a person who tweets one way and attempts to try to portray this alternate lifestyle in real life? Which one do you believe? I tend to believe the one which is tweeted, constantly repeated, which leads me to believe they are showing their true character via their tweets. I've picked up on this little charade and I've begin filling up my Zip Box. I know what you're thinking, "Pie, What does matter to you, if they living a lie via tweets?" Honestly, it really makes me no nevermind, I just rather see people living legit. If you a liar be a liar, if you lonely be lonely, if you a hoe be a hoe.

Moral of the story is, Be too legit to quit...because somebody out there knows the truth.

Progressing Daily, MCW


  1. I'm going to be as fake as possible on them tweets! Just because! Good read Coach!


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