If I Was Michael Jordan...

Good Evening Faithful Blog Readers...I usually don't do sports topics but while enjoying my post practice shower, I had a thought...

Now, Michael Jeffery Jordan, the greatest Basketball Player in the history of the game is sad. Why, you ask? He's the owner of the laughing stock of the National Basketball Association, the Charlotte Bobcats. They are seeding a miraculous 15th in the Eastern Conference with a record of 4-28...That can't be fun when the people you are paying you know you can probably still beat at 1 on 1 when you knocking on the door of 50.

So, How can MJ get it back on track? Here's my plan to restore some happiness to MJ's basketball sanity.

1. Move Out of North Carolina.
Let's be serious about this, When you think about North Carolina Basketball, you think about Duke vs. UNC and Jimmy V's improbable win in that 83 Nat'l Championship. So how do you do that? Move to Seattle. Sabotage the lease agreement and pack up in the middle of the night ie The Baltimore Colts and high tail it to the Pacific Northwest. Rename them the Seattle SuperSonics Part II and at least you'll get some fans that care about your team.

2. Find a Top Tier Player for Your Newly Branded Franchise.
This is how you do this...Look, you're in a new city, new arena, you and your close personal friend Phil Knight should put there monies together to attract this guy. Offer him a stake in Jordan Brand Sneakers. Give him a key to Nike HQs, needless to say if Seattle falls in love with Gary Payton and the skinny Shawn Kemp, they'll love anybody.

3. Spend some of this Retro Money to get some decent player...This is pretty self explanatory, With the crazed maniacs that are waiting in line and driving hours to obscure towns cop buy premium priced sneakers, take a percentage put in a pot, and get some decent role players. Looking at the roster its about 10 off that roster you could do without.
Probably Won't Have this Feeling as a  Owner anytime soon...SMH 

Well, I think that would work Mike...what do yall think? In this case, I wouldn't wanna be like Mike.

Progressing Daily, MCW


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