Random Ramblings 3.7.12

alright, maybe its time for me to come clean with myself...it takes alot for me to really go after something or shall i say someone i really want. It takes plenty of thought, calculations, and a bit a cockiness to sincerely pursue someone I really want, and believe that I think would be a good fit for me. What tends to transpire after the decision has been made is a series of mindset changes from myself. I try to dedicate all of my serious thoughts to that person, i want to care, i want to be concerned, i want them to know that i am interested in the person they are regardless of the glitz and glamour that women often attempt to portray. Sometimes it doesn't work out, I've been know to come along strong, what can I say, I'm passionate about things. I've been known to go out of my way to show the person how interested I am. Sacrificing my pride and my ego to show the person that without a shadow of a doubt, I'm locked in on them.

When this has worked, It's been a beautiful thing, I don't regret any of my relationships because worked my ass off to get them. EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM. I was appreciative to the fact that of all the people in the world, they took a chance on me! Christopher Wilson, not the most attractive, not the most popular, but someone who people loved and they believed that I could love them the same.

When it doesn't work, I go into a shell with that person, I've exhausted so much energy to prove myself to that person, when I don't really want anything in return but time, appreciation, an open mind to realize that I'm offering something different. It's tough because all I really have to offer in this world is my word. I'm not always gonna make the right decision but at least people know that I'm sincere.

Fact of the matter is, I want to be blown away. I want to see something in someone that noone else sees that intrigues me to the point that I'll throw it all away just to be apart of their life. Like a tweet I saw yesterday, "if being with her doesn't make me think about marble countertops, 3 car garages and a whole lot of sq footage, then you wasting your time," that along with talking to my lbs really had me thinking. If you dont feel that pleseant flutter in your belly or that instant warmness in your heart when you think about that specific person, its probably best to just cut your losses. Life's too short to be selfish enough to waste your time and someone elses time too. Well, i think I'm done for today...just been on my mind for a while.

Progressing Daily, MCW


  1. Great post Coach! You speak on great points that many of us think about and don't share, for whatever reason. My only hope is that the object of your affection shares the same passion for love, your love! Go for it!


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