Go on Honey! Take a Chance...

She said it best...and look how Akeem and Lisa
turned out. 

Good Morning...This Came From A Friend and she wanted me to expound on it for a second...

"I had a date last night with a guy who I met through a coworker. He was really disappointed because I wouldn't let him pick me up mainly because I don't know the coworker too well, I just met him this month and he could be crazy but also because I just don't want him to know where I stay. I could tell he was upset because he wanted a real real date. The pick the girl up bring the girl home date. He even made a comment "this doesn't feel like a date. It feels like a meet up" "I thought I would get the chance to bring you flowers and wait while you finished your makeup" I felt bad. But I say that to say this: my reasons were legitimate in not wanting him in my home but what about those that aren't? How many times do women really shut a man down before he can show us who he is?  Not only is a man faced with the bitterness and comparison to an ex of a woman but they are face with societal challenges as well. Was he completely chivalrous at our "meet up" yes. Was he given a fair chance to excel at it? Absolutely No! Women should understand that men have several challenges in the beginning. And with that being said cut some damn slack on the guy. Now are all men worthy of that...no but this guy was and I had a wonderful time!"

Alot of the times we (men) are faced with many challenges when we are wanting to be taken serious with a woman. Many of which are stated in the above paragraph. Do I fault her for being cautious and not wanting a stranger to know where she lives? Absolutely not. Times are crazy and these days you never know who you can trust. I think where the problem lies with the guy in this situation is that he let the initial let down of not being able to do the pick up drop off date affect him to the point that he may not have enjoyed the date as much as he wanted to. Plenty of times when we are trying to be sincere we wear our emotions on our sleeve because we are putting ourselves out there and dropping some of the masculine sides of us to be the sweet, chivalrous, charming person that we are. Now, on the other hand, he could have used that opportunity to show off his positive attributes during the date to ensure that the next date is an actual date the way he envisions it. Its all about proper planning. He could have used that first date to learn more about the woman in order to tweak his plans to better suit her, but moving on to her problem...

I may catch flack for this, but women have become naturally guarded. They don't really know what to trust, and how to open up these days. The "act like a man think like a woman" generation is beginning to get people in all times of crazy situations. I look at it like this, until we start leaving our baggage at the claim and stop lugging that weight and burdens from relationship to relationship, we will never know what it takes to be happy. Both men and women are too concerned with public opinion and what other people will think about them whether or not they are with the right person. I think it boils down to us trusting ourselves. If it feels right, take a chance. If for any reason it doesn't, tread lightly. We are getting to the point to where we are becoming too old to make mistakes in our personal lives, but on the flip side we are still young enough to we don't have to settle for any reason. We gotta start trusting our instincts and stop cutting people off without giving them a fair shake, we never know what we may be passing up by being scared.

Well, I hope that helped...thanks for sparking my writing for today and if anyone else has something to discuss or an idea for a blog topic shoot it and lets get the dialogue going!

Progressing Daily, MCW


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