Pie's Summer Suggestions

Hey Guys, I'm back again with a surefire way to keep you away from an unfulfilled summer. Everyone is going to tell you that if you get in the gym for that beach body you'll going to be the taste of the summer right? Nah, that won't work because although you may be sexy as hell but if you're uncultured and confined to the same superficial box you were born in, you'll get the same results...sooooooo, here's a few suggestions that I've thought of to get you started.

1. Ladies, Stop the kissy faces...We've discussed this too many times in various different outlets. It looks stupid, you look stupid, and diminishes the fact that you actually look good in your pics yet you look like a swollen blowfish in every picture. Try something new...like SMILING...

2. Hey, Everybody...Do SOMETHING DIFFERENT. I've heard people complain about always attracting the same type of person or having repeated bad luck. How about this, go be around a different set of people. You don't have to do what everyone else does to be popular so how about this? During the summer, meet new people, do things you normally wouldn't do. find new hangout spots (Hey, there are other places aside from Kokos), and maybe you'll see better results.

3. Engage in Meaningful Conversation. Last Summer, I went out of town for a softball tournament, and was invited to a "He Say, She Say" Party. This was basically a kickback where people sat around and pulled questions out of a hat and discussed Love, Life, and Relationships. Everyone that entered the room submitted a question when they walked in and everyone answered truthfully and honestly when they were passionate about a subject. It was refreshing to not just talk about smashing and passing but how to build better people and better relationships. If you get more people around you that aren't going to enable you and talk with people that are going to spit real knowledge and share life experience, it may help you...It helped me.

4. Ladies, chill with the makeup. That eyeshadow, red lipstick, spiderweb eyelashes are a EYESORE. It't not helping. Find other ways to enhance your natural beauty. Plus, its HOT as hell!

5. Fellas, Don't be that guy...Who tries too hard, puts on a show in public, but is getting screen capped on the daily due to excessive dare i say "thirst." If you are genuine, considerate and chill, you'll probably save yourself some headaches.

Hopefully you take heed to my 5 requests and they can make your summer enjoyable. No reason to be in the sweltering triple digit heat with like life issues because you choose to be extra. Let's try the "Summer of Simplicity" slogan this year huh?

Progressing Daily, MCW


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