Random Ramblings 4.23.12

Rarely do I speak about personal experiences but sometimes you really got to sit and do a little reflection to make some sense of the crazy things that happen throughout your daily commute of life.

Hers's what bothers me, although I haven't been the upstanding good guy that I used to be (ie being a one woman man), I've been out here living in this dating world and I've come to realize a few things...

1. As much as people claim to want honesty, nobody really wants to deal with the ramifications of a. being the person being honest or b. hearing the honesty. We try to make sense of the honesty to better suit the situation we are apart of.

2. People really don't know what dating is. People are looking to jump knee deep into a relationship without weighing options, or "shopping around" for the best fit for you. I say this because I've shot myself in the foot with the mindset but now that I understand, I realize what kind of guy I was then and I sucked as a human being.

3. I don't want to call myself cocky or conceited, but damnit, I aint settling for just anything. I need somebody to blow my mind...with that being said on the other hand...

4. My life has been filled with transitions, this house, the job, trying to balance my finances have all played a part in my lack of enthusiasm lately. I'm not not happy, just a lot more serious and involved than I have been in the past. Now I have things to lose, so I can't really let just anyone in that isnt going to be patient and allow me the time to get my bearings together in order to make myself feel whole again.

I wrote the last time about Flip'n It, but the only way you can really fix things are to be reflective about your experiences, what you are doing wrong and what you are allowing yourself to interact with. I know personally, I need to be more selective...like in baseball, you gotta wait on your pitch. I haven't been waiting on mine.

Progressing Daily,



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