Can you "Jump the Broom?" Part I

About a month ago, I was introduced to the Jumping the Broom series that was a spiritual take on relationships and dating. Now, by no stretch of the imagination am I one to shoot off scriptures and my religious antidotes. I like to keep my religious views, my views but I will give you the questions and my response to these questions.

12 questions that you must ask yourself about the person you are dating, want to date, or engaged to. If you're married, its too late, but if you are going to make the right decision these simple, practical questions need to be answered in honesty before you consider "jumping the broom."

First, let me say...taking the time to listen to this series really was a valuable experience. It made me think, made me put some things and people into perspective. It also made me realize that it can't be a decision made in haste to make someone your serious mate. It isn't just a matter of the heart, it also has to make some sense.

For today, I'll go questions 1-6 and finish up with 7-12 tomorrow...

Let's dive into this shall we?

1. Does he/she have an intimate relationship with God? defines Intimate as a very private; closely personal. I like my relationship with God, we talk a lot. I have lots of questions. Is it where it should be, not by a long shot, but I'm working at it. I would like a woman I'm interested in to have something like that. She has to have a relationship, the pastor described it as "Being comfortable talking to God." If you can't talk to God, how can you talk to me? (COMMUNICATION)

2. Did you receive confirmation from God?
When you think you know...who told you knew. What makes you know? How do you know? Unless you know the answers to those questions...DON'T MOVE UNTIL YOU GET CONFIRMATION.

3. Are your friends and family supportive? 
This is important to me. I believe in being a compliment to my significant other. I want people to look at me and her and feel proud that they are a part of our situation. If my friends and family are not supportive of the relationship, it makes things difficult. Its hard to get the help you need as well as someone to give an unbiased opinion when problems arise? Something else to think about as we move on about friends, "Real friends are more concerned about your future than you friendship." Real friends are going to be honest with you. They'll never enable you and lead you to believe that you are making good decisions when you really aren't.

4. Does he/she enhance your life?
Like Ne-Yo said, "I'm a movement by myself, but I'm a force when we're together," or something like that. Do they MAKE YOU BETTER. Do they push you, do they encourage you, do they support you, do they provide constant positiveness to your existence? Do they call you out when you are slipping and provide ways to get you back on track?

5. Are you attracted to her? 
This is simple. Do you think she is beautiful? Key word is do YOU think so. Its not about your friends, not about your parents. You are the one that have to wake up to her every morning, so you better make sure that you are attracted to her.

6. Do you think she's the one? 
Biggie Right HERE! If you don't think of this to be true, then you may want to develop an exit strategy. This can make your life a living hell, if you don't believe she is the one. Why? You'll be constantly looking for the One while trying to UnOne the one you thought was the ONE...bad situation to be in. It leads to constant second guessing and poor decisions because you have to be sure your are making the right decision.
Ladies, if you are the one, you will know it. Pursuit is the evidence of desire. When he stops pursuing you, its dead. If you're the one he'll still be pursing you after 40 years of marriage. That should never stop...

I'll pause for the cause today...Let's open some dialouge about these questions and see what we can come up with leading into tomorrow's post...

Until Next Time....Progressing Daily, MCW


  1. Nicely put...u hittin true and great points wit gettin and havin a companion....#1 I believe ur interest should be in a person that has a relationship wit GOD, on the other hand, some don't know how to get that relationship or don't know about that relationship wit may take that companion to share there joy in the LORD for one to get that relationship or see what the relationship brings, happiness, love, joy, faith......all the other numbers are right on point!!! love it, waitin on the next numbers!!!!!


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