The Game Nobody Wants to Lose..

So I was of my Twitter followers went on a light tangent about the fact that relationships are a process of elimination...I wanted to offer a brief commentary on that...

Let's think about something...the two stages of single.
1. textlines are dead, dms are barren like a desert, and you're okay with that. This is a time where you probably trying to get your mental peace.
2. You have options, more attention than you want really, people are competing for your time and you have to weed those out who aren't benefiting.

The thing thats scary is, when do you know when you're out the competition. Nobody wants to play when its easy to win, that won't be appreciated. You gotta Dream Big or Love Small (s/o to g sudds.) It's the game noone wants to lose, because you're realizing that you may not be good enough to the person you're pursuing. Bitter pill to swallow. So please be aware that your are in.competition with someone else for time, attention, affection. You must show yourself worthy of who you aspire to be with. If you get the notion that you ain't it. Take ya ball and go home. Don't play yourself trying to stay in a game you'll never win...

Happy Sunday.
Progressing Daily, MCW


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