Breakfast Banter...7.19.12

It's become clear to me that with some people you have to allow them to be miserable on their own time. For the majority of the summer, I've been bouncing between deciding whether or not someone was worth getting out the game for, and I admittingly been blinding by pursuit. I stopped paying attention to detail. Starting ignoring the signs. I BELIEVE in the chase. In all of my years, those that I chased were appreciated, and they gave me something to shoot for while I chased. Lately, it hasn't been fun...its been a chore. Receiving far less than what you put out and continuing to move forward is a humbling experience. One that I will take and build myself up from. In the end, when we decide to stop playing the field, we want someone who's going to be willing to get caught...making the decision to get out the single game is hard enough...but getting beaten and bruised trying to stay out is never what's up...oh they say, "Here I Go Again on my own."

Until Next Time, MCW

Amendment: Im done reaching out to people who can't return the favor. Ive been feeling needy lately because I'm always the one initiating conversation...I'm just gonna tuck my phone away and see if somebody wants to talk to me...


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