Post Dallas Weekend..."The Aftermath"

My potna asked me just now, "Are You Done?" I had to think about it for a second, I slowly nodded my head Yes. Does it hurt...YES. Am I gonna miss those few great times we had together, Definitely. Do I regret it. Negative. Everybody that I've ever talked about relationships, I always tell them "If its worth it, Take a Chance, don't be afraid to make a mistake." I live by it. Im not afraid to make a mistake in judgement, with my feelings, apparently to a fault, bc if you really know me...I'm a happy, positive dude that tries to see the best in people regardless of what I hear...fact of the matter is, I played, I lost...why? I saw what she can't see. It happens...never can somebody say i wasn't up it time to get back to I need to look in that mirror and have a convo with self...most definitely. Will I be alright, Indeed...people come in and out your life to teach lessons...whether we study them or not is up to us...

Until Next Year Dallas, MCW


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