Random Ramblings 7.10.12

Life's a never ending wheel...well at least that's what Dio said in "Holy Diver,"

It doesnt matter what you do, who's involved, or where you are, certain situations are gonna come about and you are going to have the opportunity to choose option (a) or option (b). The last time it came around, you tried option a. It was full you were winning, getting everything you wanted but you felt empty, lonely, without. Now the situation has came up again. Different Actors this time and your faced with the same two options...what kinda fool would you be to choose option a knowing what the outcome will be if you go that route. That's just not smart...I dont know, i got a phone call and i lost my vision for this ramble, but all im saying is dont make the same stupid mistake twice...at least take that less traveled route and see it through without reservations...you gonna have to leave some people behind and its not gonna be the popular decision, but you can please everybody all the time...

Fuck It...I'm Going In, MCW


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