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Good Morning my loyal readers. I figured, I'd hop in and drop a quick breakfast banter type post being that the students are watching this video...

Here's my thoughts, How do you feel when you hear information said about you from a third party source? Does it bother you to think that people that you respect have negative things to say about you, or do you take it with a grain of salt? I battle with this a lot because my general nature is to be viewed in a positive light to those that I really or even slightly care about. Lately, I've been hearing what people think about me...does it strike me odd? I think so, because if you know me, you know I'm always willing to discuss any question or statement posed towards me. Especially, when it concerns me. I don't know, I guess its the way of the world, I have plenty thoughts about everybody around me, but I usually keep them to myself. I do it to keep down confusion...I try not to bother people, let them do what they do and still try to respect them at the end of the day...What do you guys think? Address these people or leave it alone?

Hit me up, let me know what you think...

Progressing Daily, MCW


  1. Leave that shiggity alone...If they don't have the time of day to respect you, why should you give them the time of day to confront them? It's not going to make the care any more than they don't already...*shrugs*

  2. For me personally, it gets to me if it's somebody I respect. It hurts hearing others speak negatively about me especially when I believe I've made a good impression about myself towards them. Those people are summed up as haters. When I've been nothing but nice to them, shown the respect I have for them and they still find something negative to say about me that lets me know that there is something about me that they wish they could have.


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