The Hoe Saved the Captain...

Today I'll be offering some commentary based on this message I received from a good friend...

"Men often say they want someone to hold them down (loyalty, honesty, supportive, etc.) When they have that they often let it go by cheating egos, or just their selfish ways. After realizing that they lost something good, why is it that a man downgrades and then tries to be the perfect gentlemen to the perfect hoe."

Interesting concept this here is. This is what I don't understand. What REALLY makes a hoe a hoe? Is it past experiences (because damn near everybody I know, has pulled their own hoe card a time or two), multiple dealings in the same circles, or just an overall attitude that causes a woman to be a hoe?

I think my take is this. Sometimes, we as men get tired of the fuck around. The quest for constant pleasure with no real ties becomes boring and mundane. We long for something more. Our proverbial thirst has dried up, then it gets to the point where we are finally looking for that special someone to settle down with. JUST SO HAPPENS, she is, used to be, might kinda sort be phasing her way outta being a Hoe. Which brings me back to my previous question, what makes a hoe a hoe? Especially if at the time, she's providing all the things a man wants? She put her hoe card in the shredder to play the good wholesome role for a while. Maybe she wants something different. The fact of the matter is, you got their too early. When you were doing all that good stuff, he wasn't ready. What it seems to me is Right Woman, Right Place, Wrong happens.

It's life.

Something is to be said about these type situations tho, this is what women have to begin to realize about men. We are very simple creatures, when we want what we want. When we don't you won't get what you want. Females can't convert a man to do anything he doesn't want to do. A real man can't be suckered, sucked, or f***ed into doing anything he doesn't want to. He makes a conscious decision to choose. That mere aspect of social standards makes us the King of the Jungle, the Head of the Household, the Pants Wearer, you catch my drift...

In conclusion...Man will Choose. Woman can't Choose Man. Regardless of what you think of the Woman.

Progressing Daily, MCW


  1. Interesting points from a man's view of the situation...
    enjoying your blogs thus far...You might have a new fan, wait let me read some of your older ones first!!

  2. Thanks for sharing Chris. You've helped me understand a little better how you men think. I was in a relationship and it was one of my top prioirities. I was supportive, honest, loyal, and all those good things I thought a man really wanted. Unfortunately my guy wanted out of the relationship. I couldn't understand for the life of me what I did wrong. But basically you've summed it all up for me. I just came in his life too early. It's sad but the next woman probably won't have to work as hard or prove her self as much because by that time he'll simply be ready and willing to be the man I wanted him to be for me. Like you said, it's life. I was the right woman, right place, but wrong timing, I guess.


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