When the Lights Go Out...

Morning Family.

Won't be long. I used to pride myself on my splendid use of analogies when I spoke and wrote. It gave me a chance to be somewhat witty, so I'll take a stab at this again.

Bottom of the 7th, game tied, you step up to the plate. All eyes are on you. Pressure mounts. Pitch comes then boom! A generator blows and the lights go out. You're standing there dumbfounded because their are so many uncertainties running through your head about what would happen if you got to swing at that one perfect pitch.

Would you crush it and be the Hero?


Would you ground into the game ending double play and be the goat?

Problem is, You couldn't control the lights going out...but you can control what happens when the lights come back on. Make the most of your perfect pitch when its thrown to you...may be the hero. May be the goat, but at least you'll walk off that field knowing that your best was left there. No lamenting, no regrets, because whether you believe or not, one day when those lights go out, they're out for good.

Get It?

Progressing Daily, MCW...


  1. Yes I get it. I think. Lol. Step up to whatever is going on in your life. Don't be afraid and just take the easy route by not taking a chance. You just might end up making the best decision of your life. On the other hand, if it's not the best decision of your life at least u gave it a true chance and didn't punk out. Who cares what people think or have to say about it.


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