I'm exhausted...I don't know whether to sympathize or be angry. I have mixed emotions. Im not sure where this will all lead...but the more I think about it...the less confident I am. Communicating is paramount in relationships...when you leave important issues in the dark, it destroys the trust that is essential for survival. Not that first time this has happened...becoming to be an unwanted trend.


  1. Sup Pie! Ain't seen you since SU days. My homegirl put me up on your blog, I'm trying to start my own. If communication is at all questioned in your relationship, then your wasting your time. Communication & trust are the top 2 factors and if you got to feel overwhelmed due to their absence then you just prolonging the inevitable. Trust, you will always be "exhausted." I'll most mine to you when I finally get it uploaded and what not.


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