Compromise Dinner. Not your heart.

New blog topic: Sent by a loyal home skillet:
When we first meet a person we do certain things to meet their requirements. Men groom, they're thoughtful, they spend time learning what the woman wants and the become that requirement. Women learns his favorite meal, do thoughtful things, wear his favorite lingerie. Somehow, when we get in the thick of it, we break free from the requirements and become ourselves...which is NOT the person they fell in love with.  This came to mind because I was pondering if I should explain to "Henry" why I wanted him to block stalker chick. then I thought why should I? If this man loves me and I feel a certain way about it, he is REQUIRED to make it right and visa versa. So why when we get the person we dissolve all requirements? Why do we compromise what is usually most important to us?

Compromise Dinner. Not your heart. Just a thought.

Here's my response to this message:

I think it is a simple explanation to this. I think its ever so often that we find people that REALLY dig us, that we go to great lengths to conceal the real us. There are some parts about us that we are ashamed to let go public for fear of rejection. Be honest for yourself for a second while I share a secret.

I Hate brushing my hair. I just started wearing real clothes. I'm a real sucker for love, some call it soft, others call it sensitive. I'm not a romantic.

I said that to say this, if you'll be more open with who you really are initially then once you get in the thick of things and the REAL YOU begins to seep out, then they shouldnt be surprised because you warned them. Thing is, nobody really BECOMES someone else. We wear a costume. Its all a game because we know both parties are playing. Stop playing the game. Be honest. If you wear big ass panties daily, stop making yaself uncomfortable wearing lil skimpy stuff "because my man like It!" Fellas, if you hate ya girl makeup, be honest and tell her "Baby, you look like bozo by the face..." Its the only way youll get the person to know the real authentic you.

Stop compromising yourself to trick someone into loving you temporarily, when upfront honesty can get you the love of a lifetime...

Progressing Daily, MCW


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