You Gotta Believe!

This past weekend I went to the land of opportunity and decadence...New Orleans, LA, for Super Bowl 47.

There are a few things in my life I LOVE.
Personal Space, Morning Head, and the San Francisco Forty-Niners. Two of those aforementioned three I've loved for a lifetime. The last is a story for a different day, I digress.

It was a beautiful thing to see people from every corner in the world come down to support their beloved red and gold. The chants, the pictures, the excitement and confidence we had is something i'll never forget! Although we didn't achieve the desired goal for the weekend. We stood tall and took the abuse and ridicule from overjoyed Ravens fans and bitter insecure Saints fans.*jab*

When I got home I unpacked my suitcase and hung all my Niners gear up together to sit in solitude until August when football hits full swing again and my anticipation and excitement boils over again for the 24th year of fandom...Why you ask?

In life you gotta have something to believe in. Something that takes you away from lifes real pressures, makes ya blood race, builds you up and breaks your heart, yet you know there's away a second chance.

You can't have this belief in people, they hurt repeatedly because we by nature are users. Our faith in our TEAM. Black woman's faith in Beyonce' (lol) is abstract. We'll never directly play a part in the sucess or failure of the object but we feel like a real part of it because in our hearts WE BELIEVE in another chance to be great.

Forty-Niner Faithful Forever...


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