Give and Go...

If you know my brother, you could probably say that we are light years apart when it comes to certain things. One thing we do have in common are our, in my mother's words, "too big hearts." This through the years, have both gotten us in predicaments that we probably could have gone without.

Its a blessing and a curse because I think that it goes to the fact that in our rearing stage of life although come to find out, mom went into financial ruin and worked herself crazy, we never wanted for anything, so because of that we never want the people we care about to go without. Blessing because, isnt that what life is about? Less about me, more about others and being willing to sacrifice the things near and dear to you so others may have. Curse, because we sometimes wear ourselves thin, trying to ensure someones happiness for them.

Give wholeheartedly when you can.
Get out the way quietly when its time.

Progressing Daily, MCW


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