Who are you?

I'm stealing this topic from Jeff's Mom...It really spoke to me this morning so I'll expound on my thoughts this morning. 

Who are you? 

What defines this answer? 

Who do you go to find the answer to this question?

I tweeted something like this a few weeks ago, because I see people that battle with this daily...What is needed to validate your existence? How many of us need someone outside of self to help us realize our purpose in life? Not necessarily our careers, our love lives, but WHO YOU ARE? 

Everyday we are faced with obstacles and situations that define who we are. The process that we use to make those decisions help mold us into the people we are. 

"Be the Master of your fate, Captain of your soul." How do you respond to adversity makes you who you are. Ask yourself the hard questions...who do you want to be? 


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