A step back to step forward.

Pete Carroll the current coach of the Seahawks is in his second gig as an NFL Head Coach. The first time around was alright, but not as successful so he was fired. Instead of sulking in his failures, he went back to the college game, honed his skills and make adjustments to what he had done wrong and once he got the opportunity to return to the top level he was better prepared.

I say that to say this, a demotion can be looked at multiple ways. You can woe is me about it, or you can reflect on what you were doing wrong and when the opportunity presents itself again, you are prepared to excel. It takes a little bit of positivity and self determination to look at yourself in a negative light and make corrections that can help you in the future. Nobody can do it for you, no one can make you change. You have to want to do it yourself...

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