I've been on a rampage lately. Maybe because school is almost over and I get rather insensitive to the struggles of students when they all of a sudden want to become model students when they haven't done shit all year? Wait...Can I say shit? I guess so...needless to say...As I've stated in my frequent facebook posts..That people, mainly parents, really got to get off they ass and be some parents. Take pride in your kids, kick they ass...stop accepting average behavior. Average grades. Hell...below average grades. I think it has just become the way of the world that EVERYBODY has to be accepted, and it's politically incorrect to hurt someone's feelings. That's bullshit. The world is lacking passion. The world is lacking emotion. Success is not an all inclusive resort that welcomes everyone. People bust their ass everyday and fail. Only people that get lucky are powerball winners and they usually end up dead. Everybody wants a get rich quick scheme. It takes work and sacrifice to get what you really want out of life. Nobody wants their feelings hurt. Nobody wants to feel left out and people have to realize that in order to be successful, people have to be left behind. Do what you have to do to not be left behind. A kid just told me that I make her feel like her momma aint raise her right, I told her that shes at the age where she can take ownership of her own life. If her mom haven't instilled the qualities of work, passion, giving a damn about SOMETHING in this Godforsaken world, then it isn't much I can do for her. But its something she can do. Find something she loves and do everything she can to be apart of it. So that's what I'm telling you.

Find something that you love. I mean really Love and Find a reason to fight for that everyday. It's not too late for you.

Back like I never left...MCW


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