Brief Note...

I know I've been gone, but I figured I'd drop a quick note...

This morning I was sitting in my classroom prepping for the day when my morning crew of students came into the room like everyday to speak and get a few affirmations before they started their day. One of my girls had crazy puffy eyes and they were swollen. I naturally asked her if she got in a fight in a playful manner and she gave me a crazy look and almost broke back into tears. She said she cried herself to sleep last night after telling her mom that she became sexually active. Because of the father in me, i thought to myself what could i tell her to let her know that what she did wasn't a terrible thing and that there was a bright light in all of this. 

First thing is that she has developed a relationship with her mom that she can openly communicate without fear of backlash and condemnation. I remember being able to tell Pat any and everything and know that my heartfelt desires could be protected and nurtured. As well as my unfortunate mishaps that to anyone else feel like a death sentence but she listened, gave feedback and embraced me as a growing youth. 

I took everything she told me and I simply told her, Value yourself. Know what you are worth and protect your heart at all costs. Don't allow temporary feelings to cloud your judgement and wait until you are mature to juggle your emotions and your loins. Hopefully her hearing these things from a "father figure" will guide her next time she finds herself in a situation where her morals could be compromised. 

Until Next Time, MCW


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