Someone Gave THIS Guy a Website?

You know what's cool...When someone who hasn't known you for a long time sees something in you and chooses without being provoked to inspire you and nurture what some see as a gift...

Well that happened and because of that, was born. 

Right, you may be thinking...Why do I need a website? Good question...Lets See...5 Reasons and GO!

1. I liken myself to be a pretty big deal and most people who are big deals have a website. 
2. Where else could you go to find out about all of the crazy things that go into and out of my mind.
3. Damnit, when someone believes in you and wants you to be great and INVESTS into you...Prove them Right...
4. Recipes...I'm going to put all of my recipes on this website. (probably not)
5. Its not like facebook so if you don't want to read what I have to say, you don't have to come over.

So...Friends...Family...Associates... welcome to

Special Thanks to Senior League Lacrosse
I appreciate you...


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