Pie reads The 5 Love Languages...

G'Day Mates...
Who doesn't love this puppy face?
So I was asked recently what were my love languages...I didn't really know how to answer that. I mean, I know what I liked...and what made me happy but I didn't know that because of those wants and desires meant that I spoke "language." So because of my ignorance I was given a small 70 page book to read and in that hour time gave me revelations on past and current relationships.

I've been pretty selfish and pretty selfless throughout the years all at the same time... I know what I like but I been too busy demanding what I wanted that my requests weren't being heard...

With that being said, I'll just provide you with some of my takeaways from my reading today..

1. Physical Touch is a powerful communicator of love. It can comfort in times of crisis and serve as a nonverbal monument of reassurance.
2. Love is a choice.
3. Give love freely  and without desire for reciprocity. (HUGE FOR ME)
4. To feel significant is a huge emotional driving force to much of our behavior. If our mates make us feel truly significant our lives will count for something. (Me and You v. The World)
5. Manipulation by guilt is not a language of love!
6. Put your got damn phone down when you're spending quality time. Undivided attention speaks highly of your togetherness.
7. Listen. Don't interrupt.
8. Physical presence in the time of crises is the most powerful gift you can give.
9. Don't expect him/her to read your mind and when they verbalize what they want...TAKE IT SERIOUSLY.
10. The best gift you can offer is yourself. Be there. Be open. Be willing.
11. Love doesn't keep score of wrongs nor does it bring up past failures.
12. To touch my body is to Touch me.
13. What brings you pleasure may not bring them pleasure...find out what they like and do that.
14. It's okay to be uncomfortable...if they are worth it...you'll be uncomfortable for them. You'll do what you don't usually do. You'll make the SACRIFICE!
15. Serve one another in Love.

Look. I gotta give all the credit to Mr. Gary Chapman. These are his words...I just wrote them on paper then typed them here.

We spend alot of time searching for someone to love and someone to love us. What do we do when the cupcake phase is over and the real season starts. Learn and love yourself first...then you'll be able to guide your mate on how to love you.

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