Stable Sunday?

How Stable Are We Really...If the world is literally
always moving...
Happy Weekend Guys and Gals.

*mind dump begins now*

As I sit in the living room watching basketball, I have to pause and reflect on the past school year. They say change is necessary and that in order to appreciate what you have or what you need, you have to switch it up and hop out the comfort zone. I wonder tho, how often should you life be a constant reshuffle of the deck to bring out the best in you...or to truly find out what you want or need?

I tend to be one who likes stability, have my feet planted firmly under me so I know what to expect and then I'm more comfortable filling in the gaps...what if you feel like you can't fill those gaps adequately, what if the foundation is like a fault line, constantly moving and you never know when the floor will cave in under you...what do you hold on to? What is the stability...

I think the more we take our lives and careers into our own hands, control what we can control, keep our heads down and be great at what we are assigned to be great at doors will open. Hopefully...maybe...lets hope so...

Progressing Daily,


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