Late Night Car Thoughts

I don't want any woman I date to refer to me as their "King." Don't be so quick to hand over absolute power to someone and assume that they'll keep your best interests at heart. I know personally I want to collaborate with my woman to make logical decisions. Historically...that has rarely worked out well.

Just a little history intertwined with love.

Until Next Time, MCW.


  1. I agree, for some odd reason it makes me feel uneasy when I'm trying to get to know someone and they automatically refer to me as their "queen". I had a very weird encounter about a month ago. Someone asked me for my number, and at 1st I was hesitant but, I did. So the first few texts were cool and of course he called, but I was at the hospital with my mom and said I would call him back. I did but, he didn't answer so I thought I would try tomorrow. Once I called he didn't answer I just was like oh ok. So fast forward two days later and out of the blue he texts and says you know I've been thinking that you are the one for me. In my mind I'm nervous I don't know you. I just let it fly, so later that day after we talked he says so what are you doing tonight? I told the truth, my brother is a coach I'm going to the game to watch him coach and my students play. So when he asked if he could come I was like I guess, it's a football game. So he comes and finds me and sits by me and my sister in law. I was cool, he seemed like a cool person. So fast forward to the next morning and he says I think God put you in my life to be my wife and have my kids, we will be married by the end of the year you are everything I have prayed for and you are my Queen! Immediately in my mind I'm thinking "Chester the molester", or " a catholic preacher at an all boys camp". So I wasn't trying to be mean I just cut it short and was like uuuummmm, I still don't know your last name and I think you are moving too fast we can just speak cordially. So I feel you because some men do the same thing!


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