Since I'm Here...

Yeah, it's been awhile right? I know, I've missed you guys too, but between football and sleep and all the other beginning of the year hi jinks, I've neglected you. I'm sorry, here have a lemon-lime frootie as a peace offering.

The only reason, I'm here is because I'm explaining the purpose of using a HOOK to capture the attention of her audience. Why do I even want to read this essay, Hell, why do you read this blog?

I'm in the midst of transition, potential increase and potential heartbreak all at the same time. Life gets interesting when you are at the mercy of others and you don't know where everything will lead. I posted on Facebook this morning that God only opens doors that he wants us to walk through. If he doesn't open that door, you aren't ready or it isn't for you, it's just not time. We can't continue to live our lives manufacturing perfection. It yields false returns and a mirage of what we think we would want something good to look like.

So through this process, here are some things that I have had to train myself to remember and realize.

1. Stop Rushing. --When it's right, its right. When its not time it's WRONG!
2. Stop Questioning. --You don't always need a reason to why its not time. Trust the process and keep pressing forward.
3. Be the best you can be in the place you are.--BE grateful in the spot you are currently in. If you are slacking where you are currently..STOP IT! Focus up and give 100 percent.
4. When the door opens, be READY to walk through it. --this is self explanatory...when you are prepared, you don't have to get lucky.
5. Don't Worry-- have faith that you're being led in the right direction.

So yeah, that's basically where I'm at right now. Waiting. Tick Tock. We gone be iight one way or the other...

Until Next Time,



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